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Our New Year's Eve party was held at Belinda's with the usual crowd - food, drink, wii games, fireworks etc etc saw us through the night .. all surrounded of course by good friends & family More photos here
Traditionally we go to my sister Beverly's for Boxing Day lunch. But mom had come down overnight with V&D and couldn't get out of bed. But as you can see from the photo [looking up from Bev's towards the gate at the top of her field] the whole area was covered with iced-snow! No car could get up or down and we needed to leave our car at a nearby house and walk down. Mom could not have managed that walk!! That said, when we got to Bev's we were subsumed into the whole family celebrations [again!] with food & drink aplenty and games! More photos here
Christmas Day saw me visiting my brother Barrie as mom was their watching everyone opening their presents. Then lunch at Belinda's with Nicki & Jodie who had flown in from Bermuda yesterday. An excellent lunch, silly hats of course obligatory, with the Queen's Speech @ 3pm. More photos here
The family gathers every Christmas Eve, with the nieces & nephews returning home from Loughborough, Windsor, Southampton, Aberystwyth, London and the like. Tradition was broken for the first time this year as we met at Barrie & Jane's instead of mother's .. but it gave us more space and of course the traditional family group photo was taken just before we exchange our presents. This is my favourite family get-together of the year! More photos here
The Christmas tree at church was donated by a local garden Centre, all we had to do for it was sing Christmas Eve for an hour  to their last minute shoppers!! So about 14 of folk from church did our bit for the said 60 minutes .. polite applause when we finished ha-ha.

We had a spectacular fall of snow on the early morning of Saturday 18th December - and as at 21/12 the car still hasn't moved!! It looks lovely but ... when can I move the car?! More photos here
Another walk, this time on a wet, windy & cold Kinver Edge on 16th December. I wasn't entirely happy while walking through the woods that we came upon an guy in his 70s who was taking his rottweiler for a walk and clearly could not hold it when we met. I fear had we had a dog with us then a melee would have ensued! And the rottweiler would have won!!


It was George's birthday on Tuesday 14th December so a few of us went round for a lovely, as usual in the Tyler home, meal. photo shows the Tyler family relaxing afterwards - aided by the copious amounts of wine!!


A vey cold walk on 8th December alongside the Dudley canal which was frozen solid - as demonstrated from the photos here of the two [daft, in my view] teenagers walking down the middle of the frozen water.


A weekend away with Joy & Lynton and Lynne & Ian .. the highlights being Friday 3rd December: at Imperial War Museum; sight-seeing and a meal in Covent Garden. Saturday 4th December: shopping [or should that be just looking at those prices!!!] at Fortnum & Mason; at the British Museum; at Momma Mia the musical. Sunday 5th December: sightseeing; at Harrods; at the Royal Tournament @ Earls Court - all with food aplenty, of course!! More photos here
I'm in pieces over West Brom's recent performances. So many points lost .. and we play Stoke City this coming Saturday, 20th November, sadly our bête noire when it comes to teams I do not like playing!

It’s Armistice Day today [11th November] and I thought I’d share these words (as shown in the photo) offered to the families of the fallen of WW1 – as you can see I was named after my grandfather, who was killed in December 1916 during the Battle of the Somme while serving with the Seaforth Highlanders .. "lest we forget"

I went on Saturday 7th November to a Concert's performance of (1) Sleepers Wake [Cantata 140] by JS Bach (2) Sing unto God, the Wedding ode for Prince Frederick by Handel and (3) the St Nicolas Mass by Haydn ... I can't imagine why I went by myself, my friends opting instead for a Guy Fawkes/Fireworks Party .. !!
An alert looking Aunty May, who's approaching 101 in a few months shown here with a very tired Archie whose 1st birthday will soon be here. Also on the photo is mom & sister - 2nd November 2010
William (Bill) McBain with friends at Judith's & George's on Saturday 30 October 2010I went with others to a Quiz Night in Stourbridge on Saturday 30th October where the 8 of us formed two teams .. the one including George & Judith and Peter & Phylis did, sadly, better that Belinda, Paul & Deb and I did. Food/drink before and after the quiz at J&G's was good!


Judith & George Tyler, Peter & Phylis Fisher and William (Bill) McBain 29 October 2010I cooked .. impressed? I had Judith & George and Peter & Phylis Fisher over for a meal on Friday 29th October. We are a lot and drank probably a tad too much too .. I had a long lie in on the Saturday morning .. !!


It’s not going to last long
.. the bubble will soon burst .. but hey [and before Arsenal & Man U kick off
later today to spoil it] I’m going to milk this image for all it’s worth, for sadly we’re not called the Yo-Yo Club for nothing …. !!


taken at the Hawthorns on Saturday 23 Oct 2010 at the WBA v Fulham game A happy day .. I went to the Hawthorns on Saturday 23rd October to watch the Baggies play Fulham .. a great game, but I would say that wouldn't I seeing that we came away with all 3 points!! Boing Boing me thinks
It was 'walking day' on Thursday 21st October 2010 and we went to Kinver. A cold but crisp & sunny day. And yes, I won the stare competition with this bovine-creature - trying to block my way indeed!! More photos here



Sylvia Heale & Lynda Waltho at Overend Methodist Mission 17th October 2010On Sunday 17th October at Overend Methodist Mission we held a service to commemorate the Centenary of the Women's Chain Makers' Strike (details about this can be seen on our local newspaper's website here). Among the guests were two former local MPs, Silvia Heale [former Deputy Speaker) and Lynda Waltho - who was kind enough to arrange, way back in February 2008, tickets for PMQs and then lunch with her in the Commans ..
Beverly Bevan, William (Bill) McBain 13th October 2010I stayed overnight at Bev's on Tuesday 12th October as she had her friend & family staying with her - they live in Switzerland - see photos here

A weekend with Joy & Lynton and Lynne & Ian .. dinner at mine on Friday 8th October .. visiting Packwood House & Baddsley Clinton on the Saturday .. dinner & overnight stay @ J&L's .. visiting Hanbury Hall on Sunday 10th October - see photos here

my second week of a night school course on Adobe Dreamweaver - not like any other web authoring program I've used before, but it looks good and hopefully by the end of the course this website will be all bells & whistles! On the other hand, reality may strike .... !!
would you 'Adam & Eve' it ... the Baggies beat the Gunners (Saturday 25th September) oh how my cup overflows!! But as a 'facebooker' friend of mine did add "Baggies in Wonderland" .. perhaps, but nice while it lasts.
'helpful' signposts over Romsley - Sept 2010who needs Sat Nav / GPS when we have such helpful signposts to assist? (Seen over Romsley yesterday while out walking 22nd September.)

Matthew McBain .. 19th birthday celebrations It was my nephew Matthew's 20th birthday on 11th September .. sadly he'd been taken into hospital the day before because of glandular fever. However we had a brief family gathering on the Sunday 12th .. more photos here
William {Bill] McBain with his great nephew Archie - Sept 2010I went walking with my neighbour Terry on our usual weekly walk, This time walking along the banks of the the River Severn from Bewdley towards Arley. As we were so close to my sister Beverly's we ended up there for lunch .. Friday 3rd September. More photos here
We celebrated mom's birthday [which was actually on 26/08/10] with lunch at Bev's on Sunday 29th August .. more photos here

William [Bill] McBain on 25th August 2010The weather was a dreadful on Wednesday 25th August with heavy rain and it being really cold for the time of year. But nonetheless my neighbour Terry & I still valiantly 'went forth' to Uffmoor Wood. We managed 80 minutes before we called it a day .. oh where is the sunshine & heat?!

illiam (Bill) McBain and Bethany McBainBethany heard on Tuesday 24th August that she had passed the 2 GCSEs she had taken a year early @ 1xA* and 1xA. Well done Beth

I went to the first home game of the season of WBAFC at the Hawthornes on Saturday 21st August @ 3pm ko. We beat Sunderland by 1 goal to nil ... an anxious last 10 minutes but at least the win has taken us off the bottom of the table after last week's disastrous game!! Onwards & upwards .. erm, hopefully!!
William (Bill) McBain - 18th August 2010It was another gathering of our 'old-gang' from my teenage days .. yes, I can remember that far back! .. meeting up with Deborah, Alex, Joy & Patricia. As ever, a good laugh was had, even if the topics of conversation has moved away from fashion & the latest Beatles' songs towards aches, pains & medicines!! :)
William (Bill) McBain - 18th August 2010I went walking over Waseley park on Wednesday 18th August, with my neighbour Terry. Good to blow the cobwebs out of your system!

I watched a piece of history re-created today when a replica of the Titanic's anchor was pulled through Netherton. The original 16-tonne anchor was cast by Hingley's of Netherton in 1911 & hauled to the old Dudley train station by 20 shire horses. Today’s re-enactment followed the route in reverse. Sadly today’s horses aren’t as strong; they couldn’t cope with the weight and a tractor had to be called in to pull the anchor!! More photos here.
on Tuesday 10th August I went to watch the funeral of 40 Commando Royal Marine Jonathan Crookes, 26, from Halesowen who died during a patrol in the Sangin district of Helmand province on 16 July. It was rather emotional .. more photos here.
yet another good weekend away (7th - 9th August) with Joy & Lynton and Lynne & Ian visiting National trust places in both Surrey & Kent. But the whole reason for going at all was to visit Chartwell - the country home bought by Sir Winston Churchill for its magnificent views over the Weald of Kent]. Chartwell was his home and the place from which he drew inspiration from 1924 until the end of his life. We did this on the Sunday - it was fabulous; bathed in sunshine, the house & gardens lived totally up to expectations helped. The house has been preserved as it would have looked when Churchill owned it. More photos of our weekend here.
William (Bill) McBain over Romsley - 5 August 2010Walking the old rail track of the now disused Halesowen/Longbridge line - 5th August 2010 - more photos here.

William (Bill) McBain & George Tyler - over Haden Hill on Friday 30th July 2010Walking over Haden Hill with George Tyler on the morning of Friday 30th July.

Nando Jaramillo, Ian Lacon, William (Bill) McBain & Paul Bond - in Halesowen 29th July 2010I met up with Paul Bond, my former boss, and Ian Lacon & Nando Jaramillo for our 'usual' twice a year gathering! Paul provided the food but we ate at Ian's .. eating alfresco on a lovely balmy summer's evening. Much food & alcohol was consumed - 29th July 10. More photos here
Terry Curzon @ Pride Park 29 July 2010While in Derby for a gathering with my neighbour Terry and others of 'The Seagull' on Thursday 29th July, we just popped into Pride Park, the home of Derby County FC, for an enquiry about a season ticket and ended up getting a 30 minute tour of the ground - a rather splendid outcome I thought! More photos can be seen here
a relaxing evening at Judith & George's along with Peter & Phylis - Tuesday 27th July 10

Archie James Bevana family lunch at mom's on Sunday 25th July 10 - with my lovely great nephew Archie .. to see more photos click here


William Tromans McBain - Bill McBainwalking from Arley to Highley & back .. with my neighbour Terry Curzon on Wednesday 7th July. To see more photos taken, click here


William Tromans McBain - Bill McBainwalking from Arley to Highley & back .. with my neighbour Terry Curzon on Wednesday 7th July. To see more photos taken, click here


Archie James Bevan - christening on 4th July 2010my [first] great nephew Archie James Bevan was christened on Sunday 4th July St Mary's in Highley. A splendid occasion for family & friends. To see some of the myriad of photos taken, click here


Belinda McBain & Bill McBain 3rd July 2010It was my sister Belinda's birthday party & BBQ on Saturday 3rd July 2010. More photos here




Bill McBain @ Llandanwg 3rd July 2010I went away for a few days away to Llandanwg, near Harlech, from Wednesday 31st June to Saturday 3rd July 2010. More photos here


at Paul & Deb's for our final [sadly] World Cup game party for the England v Germany game on Sunday 27 June 2010 - oh well, let's wait for the Euro 2012 games!! . More photos here

William Tromans McBain - 24th June 2010 walking Bluebell Woods nr ClentWalking over Bluebell Wood near Clent on Thursday 24th June with my neighbour Terry Curzon. More photos here


Shirley Hollingsworth, Bill McBain & Belinda McBain - watching the England v Slovenia World Cup game on 23rd June 2010yet another football party, this time at my house on Wednesday 23rd June to watch the final group game v Slovenia .. but as it was a 3pm kick-off most were at work so were were down to only 4 of us! We won, but sadly we didn't finish top of the group and our next game is therefore v Germany .. ouch!. More photos here

a Prayer Walk organised by my church over local fields to see points of historic interest. We went on Tuesday 22nd June 2010 on a beautifully sunny & balmy evening. More photos here

at a football party to celebrate & support England .. thankfully these photos were taken before the end of a most awful England performance. We were dire .. sadly!! Friday 18th June.  More photos here

William Tromans McBain 17th June 2010Walking through the woods to find the canal path through some remarkably green and quiet areas of Netherton, not known for its aesthetic charms!! Pleasantly surprised .. on a lovely warm & sunny day @ 17th June. More photos here

Meeting up with the 'Short Crossers' (friends from my teenage days!!) Joy, Deb & Pat - 16 June 2010.


the operation on my hand was on 25th February .. since then I've been weekly to Russells Hall Hospital for Occupational Therapy .. today 26th June, I was discharged from their tender care!! Hallelujah


Alexander Joel Bevan & Archie James Bevan - June 2010A photo of my nephew Alexander Bevan and my adorable great nephew Archie James Bevan, 5weeks old .. taken 12 June 2010.


Bill McBain, Judith Tyler & Belinda McBain celebration an England World Cup game 12th June 2010The first of our 'World Cup - England games' parties @ Peter & Phylis' gathering suitably clad in England colours on Saturday 12th June to watch the game against the USA. At a 1-1 draw it was not quite the score we'd hoped for; but hey still two games to go .. more photos here

The World Cup is at last here, and like a big kid at Christmas I woke this morning thinking "the day's actually here" .. can't wait for the next four weeks!


Walking through the splendid Wyre Forest on Thursday 10th June with my neighbour Terry Curzon ..


I spent the day at the National Memorial Arboretum [whose motto is "where the Nation remembers"] and was moved by the solemnity and dignity of the place; and where the names of those killed in action in 2009 have only just been chiseled into the memorial wall of remembrance. I also found the 'Basra Wall' very moving. It was re-dedicated here recently having been brought back from Basra - it remembers those who died during Britain's six-year operation in Iraq following the March 2003 invasion. Made from brick with brass plaques listing each life lost, the wall originally stood outside the British forces' headquarters at Basra in southern Iraq. It was built by the colleagues of the fallen. More photos of my visit here.


Matthew McBain, Jane McBain, Katie McBain, Belinda McBain, Bill McBain & Elsie Harvey 6th June 2010My niece Katie was back home for a fleeting visit this weekend, and nephew Matthew is also back from Uni for the summer. They popped round to mom's to say hi - on Sunday 6th June  - seen here with Jane, Belinda, mom & me.

outside the Birmingham Rep - Ian Lacon, Fernando Jaramillo, William McBain, Sue LaconI went to the Birmingham Rep Theatre for the final night's performance of Noises Off, a superb farce with a bit of an extra zing; really funny. And it being a fabulously warm evening we went for a drink along the canal. A late night was had!

Judith Tyler, Phylis & peter Fisher, Bill McBainFriends Paul & Deb Westwood sailed off on their Mediterranean cruise on Saturday 5th June .. not to be outdone, a few of us met at the same time their ship was sailing @ Judith & George's for our very own 'sail-away party' of popping corks and pretending .. !! A much cheaper occasion!

Bill McBain & neighbour Terry CurzonFriday 4th June saw a fabulously sunny & hot day .. I went walking with my neighbour Terry Curzon over both Clent & Walton Hills .. it was a hard walk in the heat, I sweated on the climbs - as you know 'I don't do sweating' .. !! More photos here

For some time now I've been wanting to go to Wootton Bassett to pay my respects to the fallen. I eventually went on Thursday 3rd June .. to see to see the repatriation of Corporal Stephen Paul Curley, 26, of 40 Commando Royal Marines and Gunner Zak Cusack, 20, from 4th Regiment Royal Artillery, both of whom died in Afghanistan on Wednesday 26/05/10. From the moment the church bell tolled the town fell silent; It was a very moving experience indeed. More photos here - though please note 3 of the photos are taken from the BBC website [to show what takes place] as I felt it inappropriate to take photos at such a personal time for the soldiers' families there.

I stayed overnight at my sister Bev's on 1st June and on the 'morrow, 2/6, I met there with Mo, a former work colleague, for morning coffee alfresco, fruit and scones & cream & jam!! All the gossip was caught up with!! More photos here

The 31st May will see the 12th anniversary of the untimely death of my belovéd sister Barbara. As we always do, the family met at church at Short Cross [this year on Sunday 30th May] after which we went to the Clent Hills to scatter rose petals over the spot where her ashes had been scattered. See more photos of the day here

Friday 28th May was a good day for a walk , going with Terry, my neighbour, walking alongside the Kinver canal .. and in beautiful sunshine.

An early start was needed on Wednesday 25th May to get to London in time to watch the State Opening of Parliament - or more correctly, to stand in The Mall and watch all the pomp with the bands, procession etc. Having left well before 6am I went via the M40 & caught a train in from the outskirts of the City. The sun shone, London was as vibrant as ever and I managed to get a good vantage point for photos, which can be seen here

I went away for a long weekend 14th-17th May with Joy & Lynton to stay in Torquay at Lynne & Ian's home. On the Friday we had a gentle stroll around Torquay and its harbour; on the Saturday we went Dartmouth to Greenways, a NT  place, formerly a home owned by Agatha Christie - the home and gardens were fabulous. On the Sunday we went fist to Boringdon Hall for morning coffee (parts of which date from 956 AD) and then on to Saltram House, near Plympton, yet another NT home! On the Monday we went to Sidmouth for morning coffee at the Belmont Hotel and then another stroll around the town. Sadly it was then Lynton had a serious fall resulting in a brief loss of consciousness and a nasty head wound. An ambulance was called and we ended up at Exeter A&E for a couple of hours. Thankfully all was well and he was allowed out .. Joy drove us home!! More photos here

Walking again on Wednesday 12th May with my neighbour Terry Curzon and friend Mike Standen who's down from York just for the day.


One Thursday evening 6th May, I stayed up until 4.00am on the Friday waiting to see who had won the election .. luckily, because of the hung-Parliament outcome, I didn't wait to see the final outcome before I went to bed otherwise I'd be like the 'walking dead' by now - as at Sunday evening, 09/05, no outcome is yet determined!! Watch this space ..

I went to see 'Respect' at the Birmingham Rep on Thursday 6th May [election day!!] a play about four teenagers taking a day trip to Cologne. By the end of the night, their world has been turned upside down. One is dead, two are in police custody, and the fourth is recovering from stab wounds. It's a hard-hitting play about sexual attitudes, provocation and intercultural confusion & is based on the true story of an honour killing.

proud great uncle William McBain with Archie James Bevan - 4 May 10Archie, Aimie, Bev & me met at mom's for tea on Tuesday 4th May giving me an opportunity to spend some time with my great nephew Archie .. he's just gone 4 months and it's so good to see him smile and chuckle! More photos here

An end of a Bank Holiday evening drink @ Judith & George's [Monday 3rd May], and after an awful day's  weather it was good to chill, albeit briefly. And the soft glow of each of us, making us look like something from the Ready Brek advert, is due more to my lack of Photoshop skills ..   :)


I went visiting two former BR stations, both of which had fallen into an awful state of repair but now restored to private residences & rail tracks @ Fencote and Rowden Mill  between Leominster & Bromyard nr Herefordshire - Thursday 29th April 2010. We had a great day riding up and down each stations' mile and a half of track .. toys for the boys!! Fabulous. More photos here

Having been at home for only 20 minutes from my NT day out on 28/04/10 [see below] I was picked up to go and meet up for a reunion of our old 'gang' from my teenage days of Joy, Deb & Pat - sadly Alex couldn't make it. isn't it great that we still want to meet up after well over 40 years of friendship.

Berrington HallI went with Judith & George to two national trust places on Wednesday 28th April. The first was Croft Castle - a castellated Manor House that's been in the Croft family for almost a 1000 years! Secondly, we went on to the nearby Berrington Hall . More photos here

On Monday 26th April I went to the Town Hall in Birmingham for a lunchtime Concert led by the Birmingham Conservatoire Chamber Choir after which we had lunch in the Mailbox having had a nice walk there in the sun alongside the canal. The only downside to our eating alfresco is the building work being carried out on 'The Cube' - the hideous offices/hotel/apartments you can see in the background; it blocks out much of the sun in the various squares, and its decor is redolent of the 1960s!! More photos here

Saturday 24th April was my birthday!! A day of mixed emotions .. on the morning I was treated to a birthday breakfast by Joy & Lynton and later when I got home I spent a little time with my neighbours Ian & Heather who are moving home this weekend down to Torquay. I'll miss my weekly coffee mornings with Ian. On the evening I was singing with VIH who were performing a St George's Day concert in Blackheath. A good day. More photos here

Friday 23rd April was St George's Day & would have been my dad's birthday - a proud Scot born on England's Patron Saint's day .. he never lived it down within the family!! I went to Clent, where we had scattered his ashes. On the evening stayed with Joy & Lynton who treated me to a traditional English meal of faggots & mash followed by treacle tart & cream .. nice! To see more photos of the day click here

We explored new territory for our weekly walk on Wednesday 21st April, trying to follow the former trainline from Halesowen to Longbridge. We joined it at Romsley and walked part of it in the near 3 hours we were out. More photos here



After the Mozart concert [see below] on the 16th April, I met up with some friends who were also in Birmingham that night. We went for a few drinks in a few places and I got home rather too late for someone of my vintage .. !!!

I went to the Birmingham Symphony Hall on Friday 16th April for a performance of Mozart's Requiem. As a Mozart fan, it was obviously superb!!


I went walking with Terry my neighbour on Wednesday 14th April going to Trimpley Reservoir - and I bumped into John Taylor, with whom I used to work, while there as well as have a close up view of an SVR train. The sun even shone as we ate bacon sandwiches at the cafe in Arley! More photos here

Oh yes, the Baggies are promoted .. let the celebrations begin .. boing boing .. oh how my cup runneth over .. the photo is West Brom in 1888 .. two of them still play for us!!

Has been to see a fabulous production of Les Misérables at Birmingham Rep starring John Owen Jones & Gareth Gates, the music evoking emotions of mirth & pathos and at times was so stirring that it made even me want to go and man the barricades – me, an avowed monarchist!! The photo shows me shaking hands with Claude-Michel Schonberg [who composed the music of Le Mis, Miss Saigon etc] taken a couple of years ago at a music workshop

So much for an Easter Monday Bank Holiday lie in!! Woken early with sirens blaring, courtesy of 3 police cars and 2 fire engines attending a RTA outside my bedroom window … 5th April

"The Lord is risen; He is risen indeed - hallelujah" For Easter Sunday morning I went to Short Cross Methodist with mom, a splendid service led by Maureen Jeavons with good rousing Easter hymns to boot!! I went to my own church on the evening for communion and a more reflective service led by our minister Rev David.

Good Friday, 2nd April, was a busy day and saw (1) the early & now traditional morning GF service at Short Cross Methodist church @ 7.30am, followed by (2) the annual Easter egg hunt at the Hierons' and then (3) off to Bev's to help my niece Abigail celebrate her 31st birthday, then (4) off to mom to see my aunty May followed by (5) folk here at home to watch the WBA game on Sky - we won 3-0 - and finally (6) off the Overend for another Good Friday service. Egg hunt photos here and Abigail's birthday celebration photos here.

All Fools Day dawned with a fabulous blue sky; by the time I went for a walk over Kinver Edge in the afternoon it as wet, wet, wet .. oh, and a tad cold!


I went with Judith to visit Coughton Court [a National Trust property] on Saturdsy 27th March 2010. It was home to the Throckmortons family who were one of the UK’s oldest Catholic families since the 15th century and implicated in the Gunpowder plot of 1605. More photos here

Judith preparing for her Wii-fitness training!

It was Judith's birthday on Tuesday 23rd March and where we were invited for a meal and to try out her birthday present of a Wii-trainer!! Far too much like hard work for me!! More photos here


At Bev's for Mothering Sunday, 14th March, and where mom received her first ever great-grandma card off Archie. Earlier Belinda & I went with mom to her church. More photos here


While not wishing to put anyone off their tea, you do need to realise the pain and anguish I'm suffering!! :) This photo was taken Wednesday 3rd March 2010 as my dressings were taken off for the first time since my operation, for my wound to be claned; I refrain from showing you the pre-cleaning photo!! Spot the skin graft?  Next week my stitches come out. Ouch. Sympathy in oodles please .. or grapes!

I returned home after 2 days in Russells Hall hospital [25/26 February 2010] for an operation on my hand .. unfortunately it’s my right hand, clad in plaster & has to be elevated so feel somewhat immobile .. but on the plus side my left-handed typing/texting is improving!! .. photo shows my arm in the sling I had to wear while on the ward so you can imagine trying to sleep was not easy .. and now with parts of my body I can’t reach to wash is in danger of becoming a social pariah .. “unclean, unclean”
stained glass window @ baddsley ClintonI had a good day out with Peter and Judith & George on Wednesday 24th February when we had a 'National Trust' day .. we visited moated Baddsley Clinton and then Packwood House. Two places well worth visiting. More photos here.



It was my Aunty May's 100th birthday on Friday 19th February and we tried to make her day as special as possible. Unfortunately she had a fall the previous weekend and broke her hip - we thus celebrated her birthday in Russells Hall hospital where she will be staying for a week or two .. !! This photo shows the family's oldest and youngest members - aunty @ 100 years and Archie @ 7 weeks. More photos here.


I had another great weekend with Joy & Lynton and Lynne & Ian ..12th-15th February. It started with a meal at my house on the Friday and then a two nights away @ Joy's. We visited Bridgnorth and then the national trust property at Dudmaston Hall. On the sunday we had morning coffee at the Chataeu Impney' More photos here
I had applied for, and got in the public ballot, a ticket to see Tony Blair when he appeared before the Iraq Inquiry - held at the Queen Elizabeth Conference Hall in London on Friday 29th January. It was a fascinating experience heighten by all the security surrounding the Hall, the intense media interest and the demonstrations outside. More photos here

Photo of a very friendly robin, taken at the Kinver canal on Thursday 28th January.


I had a fabulous 4 days away with Joy & Lynton and Lynne & Ian when we stayed at the Saunton Sands Hotel in north Devon from 16th/19th January 2010. I visited the only town in the UK to end its name with an exclamation mark, played my first game of Wii and ate in fine style at the hotel. More photos here

Another walk in a fresh snow fall, this time walking from home [the roads seemed too bad to try and get the car out] to Haden Hill House & Park - Thursday 13th January. More photos here


My first walk with my neighbour in 2010 on Wednesday 6th January. Because of the heavy snow fall overnight we left the car at home and walked to our local Saltwells Park and I've never seen my locality look so pretty; cold but pretty!! More photos here

The weather was awful and the advice was not to travel - but George wanted to see Avatar in 3D at the Odeon at Merry Hill - Tuesday 5th January. We were 4 of only 10 in the whole cinema complex .. and one of three cars!! The journey home at 1115pm was somewhat scary but what the heck eh? The rest who didn't fill the cinema?? Wimps .. haha


We went to see my great Nephew Archie James Bevan on Friday 1st January 2010 while he was just over a day old .. and splendid it was too. More photos here


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