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this is the 'Latest News' I uploaded in 2005


Pat & Adrian - who first met 15 years ago 'today' for New Year's Eve 05 we descended on Peter & Phylis's where vast quantities of food and alcohol were thrust in our direction! The amount & noise of the fireworks in the locality that we stood outside to watch after midnight seems to grow each year. The photo left shows Pat & Adrian who met for the first time 15 years ago tonight!! More photos of the evening here.

Phylis, me, Judith & Deb

Well, it is Christmas - so yet another gathering!! This time at Pat & Adrian's on Thursday 29th December 05. Good food & company ... !! More photos of the evening here.

lunch - more food!

I went on Boxing Day with Mom, Belinda & Jodie to Bev's for a late lunch. It was lovely to relax in front of their log fire, playing the traditional games you have to do at Christmas. To see more photos from the day click here

Nicki, Belinda, me, Kirsty & Shirley

on Christmas Day I took mom to church in the morning, picking her up from Barrie & Jane's where it was great to see their 4 kids still opening their presents. I then took her to Powke Lane cemetery where we visited Joe's & aunty Cis's graves. Then off to Belinda's for a lovely, filling lunch [she looks after me so well], listened to the Queen's Christmas message [of course! Part of the tradition] and then home at teatime to put my feet up in front of the telly .... !! For more photos of the day, click here.

mom, with all her grandchildren - Christmas Eve 05

Christmas Eve was the usual whirl of visits to friends, and then off to mom's where the family all meet from 7.00pm to 9.30pm. Then I went to Paul & Deb's with the rest of our crowd & onto the Midnight service where I sang merrily due to the copious amounts of wine consumed! For once mom had all her grandchildren there [Jodie's back from the Cayman Islands & James was up from London]. It was a good start to the Christmas break!! To see family photos from the evening click here; for the photos taken at Paul & Deb's, click here.

strike day @ Halesowen Magistrates' Court - 20 Dec 05

My first time ever on strike - and on a picket line to boot!! All over pay, of course, but if only the arguments were that simple. A disappointing result of intransigence by the DCA. Pity. More information can be seen here  


 3 ushers together - Pete, me & Mo
It was the Court's Christmas meal on Friday 16th December at the Whittington Inn on the Stourbridge-Kidderminster road. An excellent meal and good company. What more could I ask for? More photos here


in front of the Pyramids - November 05IBelinda & me, floating on the Dead Sea - Nov 05've had a family holiday - my first with the family since I was 16!! We [with mom, Beverly & Belinda ] went on a Red Sea cruise to Jordan & Egypt from 24th Nov - 1st December 05. More photos will be appearing here as and when I get time to upload the many photos taken. With temperatures in the low 90s, it's a lovely place to get some winter sun. The highlights of the break, for me, was floating on the Dead Sea and seeing the pyramids.

 a meal at Bank Restaurant, before listening to Verdi's Requiem at Birmingham Symphony Hall - 19/11/05
Stephen & Hilary, Hilary B, Lis, Peter, Judith & I went to hear Verdi's Requiem at Birmingham Symphony Hall on Saturday 19th November 05. We went to the Bank Restaurant before the Concert to get us gently in the mood ... !! More photos here

Peter as 'Joseph' - photo taken from the back but one row hence the poor quality!! the gathering at Pat & Adrian's - after the final showing of Joseph on the Saturday night

A production of 'Joseph & the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat' was put on at Overend Church 11/12 November 05 by loads from 'the gang' and other church members. To see some photos from the 11th Nov, when I and some of the family went, and the "thank goodness that's all over" party on the Saturday night 12th Nov at Pat & Adrian's, click here.

more fireworks - better exposure this time!

A Guy Faulk's & Fireworks party, held at J&G's on Saturday 5th November 05. See more photos here

the gathering - taken courtesy of the pizza man :-)

Our annual OctFest held this year on Saturday 29th October 05. They used to drag me out to Clubs in Brum but, thankfully, they're all having to settle down with houses, partners, mortgages [you get the picture!] so an evening of Trivial Pursuit now keeps us occupied [started off in grand style with the delight of watching Man Utd lose 4-1 to Middlesborough] interspersed with a can or two or three of lager of course. That's obligatory. My liver hates these reunions ...... !! See more photos here


Gloria, the boss's PA @ Dudley Magistrates' Court, had her retirement do on 19th October at Frankie & Benny's. More photos of the evening here

Joy & Lynne getting excited in the 'old fashion' sweetshop ..... oh those were the days!! Oct 05

Lynne & Ian, friends from Torquay, came to stay in Hagley for the weekend of 14th - 16th October 05. They stayed with Joy & Lynton but came to me for a meal on the Friday night. We then spent a superb weekend eating, drinking, laughing, shopping(!) and visiting Ludlow & Bewdley and walking & walking! These weekends are always fun; and to see more photos click here.


Kevin Beale & his girl friend are off to Australia for 5 months soon. He popped round to watch the England v Poland game on Wednesday 12th October 2005 [we won - now top of the group!!]. Good luck, Kevin, in your antipodean adventures.

the last time my dad ever came to my house - on 26th August 2002 - for my mother's 80th birthday party. As you can see he was decidedly unwell.

On Saturday 8th October 05 it was three years to the day since Dad died. I spent a few reflective moments on Clent Hills, where dad's ashes had been scattered. The photo shown here was the last to be taken of dad - August 02.

I think you can tell it was towards the end of the evening!! 1 Oct 05 Saturday 1st October 05 saw the end of Judith T's and Peter F's self-inflicted month long abstention from alcohol ... ! We had a meal to celebrate. You can see a few photos here.
Because I've having a fair few problems with AOL over the past few months, I've finally change my internet provider - on Friday 30th September. Pity really, as AOL have been good up to now but having been put back on dial-up for 2 weeks was the final straw. My new e-mail address to follow on here soon.
I've started an evening class at the local College on 'PhotoShop' [for beginners, I hasten to add!!] in September 05, over 4 evenings. It a great package but it's totally unlike a Windows program, far less intuitive. I'm pleased that Elaine Pugh is the tutor; she's excellent [and patient] - I've been in her groups before on other classes.
On Saturday 17th September, Josh left home for his first day at the University of Sheffield. Good luck Josh - the first of Barrie & Jane's kids to fly the nest.
Matt, on his birthday - 11/9/05 Matt had his 15th birthday on Sunday 11th September 05. We all popped round to see him and were well fed & watered! Matt had celebrated the day before with his friends. At 15, we oldies are somewhat of an anathema to him me thinks .... !! Never mind Matt, family 'has to be done.' See more photos of the day here
mom's birthday bash @ Bev's It was mom's birthday on 26th August 05, but we did not all get together as a family to celebrate until Bank Holiday Monday, 29th August. More photographs can be seen here
Ali, in charity shop mode ..... summer 05 my nephew Alexander has sent [August] me some recent photos of him in various stages of sanity .... !! View here at your peril!!
Josh & Kate Thursday 18th August 05 saw the release of the national A level & AS level results. Joshua did well with his A levels @ 2xA and 1xB result. Katie did well too by getting 1xA, 2xB & 1xC. Well done guys & gals. With this result Josh gets his placement at Sheffield University.
The gang went round Peter's for his birthday bash on Tuesday 16th August 05 - a good way to ease off the lazy days at York the previous 4 days. And with the good weather we had we were able to sit outside the evening. Plenty of food & drink [my sort of 'do'] but where was the jelly and blancmange eh ... ?!
in York - August 05 I went to York from Friday 12th - Monday 15th August 05 with Bev & Ami to spend a long weekend with Abigail, who's at the University there. We did a lot of sightseeing and watching the third test match on TV ... !! Suzi, Abi's Uni friend from Germany, was also there for 3 weeks. More photos here
At Shugborough Hall on Saturday 6th August for part of its Music & Firework Weekend. It was a 'bring your picnic and grab your spot' type event. But with me, Belinda & Judith in the choir for the second-half of the Concert ["for the very best flag waving classical 'Proms Spectacular' " - as the programme said] we were there for practice 3 hours before the gates opened, so had a splendid spot kept for the 13 of us who eventually sat around our table! Jenny Bond compeered; a spitfire flew over, and Bev locked her keys in the boot as we were leaving at midnight!!! We left a damp field at 0120 the Sunday morning courtesy of the AA. More photos here.

A welcomed midweek meal & soak at Judith & George's on Wednesday 3rd August 05.
The family visited Scotland from Friday 22nd July - Monday 25th July 05 for our Cousin's daughter's wedding. Karen & Paul Keeney got married at the West Kirk, East Kilbride on Saturday 23rd July @ 1.30pm. We stayed on until Monday evening for a bit of sight-seeing at Loch Lomond, the Trossachs, Stirling Castle and Bannockburn. More photos here
  From Friday 8th July - Sunday 10th July I was in Wales with Stephen & Hilary, staying at their caravan The weather was superb, if not a hint too hot. We went especially to go to the Llangollen International Music Eisteddfod - the first time I'd been. Lunch on the Sunday saw us overlooking the magnificent waters of Lake Vyrnwy. More photos here
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