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Abigail Sin bevan ...

at the evening reception of the 'Scottish wedding' 2004Born: 2nd April
Time: 1.43am
7lbs 8oz
Chase Farm Hospital, Enfield


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Abi moves to Windsor: having finished at York University she's now moved to Windsor






Abigail, Adam, Beverly, Alexander & bridesmaid Amy - 10th July 04 my neice, Abigail   me with Abigail - April 05 Abi & me @ Bev's Easter Sunday - 27 March 05 Abi & the daffs ... !
in Tunisia Abigail on BBC's Songs of Praise Abigail [right] with Suzi - a friend from university, but due to go home soon to Germany [taken 6/3/05] Abigail [right] just about to take her first ever parachute jump 30/1/05 Amy & Abi - 6th March 05
the tradiitional family gathering @ my Mother's - Christmas Eve 04he photo [again!!] Abigail [centre] with two of her University friends who were not able to get home this Christmas. Claire [left] from Maryland, USA & Suzi from Bavaria, Germany - my mom's on Christmas Eve 04 Adam, Belinda & Abi @ Bev's on her 60th birthday - 6th Jan 05 Abigail cutting the cake on her 18th birthday Abi, Bethany & Amy with Bo-Jangle - at Ali's 21st birthday bash 15/5/05 Abi & me @ her uni lodgings - 15/8/05
it's the best way for dealing with truculent youth on the way back from Abi's church - 14th Aug Abi & Amy my dad, James, reading to Abi, Adam & Alexander. Bev with Abi & Adam  
Abigail - August 2002 Abigail in the clear waters of Burmuda Abi & me - at Fiona & Paul's wedding 10th July 04 Abigail's first day at University Abigail Bevan Abigail, with her cousin Matthew, at Adam Bevan's family birthday get together - 15/8/04
Abi, Ali & Adam with their lovely uncle ...... me!!   Abi & Adam at 'Forget me not Croft' - Aug 2003     at the evening reception of the 'Scottish wedding' 2004